Technical Sessions

18th & 19th December

Conference Technical Sessions

The conference program comprises 5 technical sessions encompassing 15 sub-sessions, featuring oral and poster presentations that will ignite vibrant discussions and knowledge exchange within the field of disaster research.

Technical sessions: Day 1

Start time

End time

Day 1 – December 18th

10:30 am

12:00 noon

Technical Session 1A – OA7/27

Technical Session 1B – OA7/29

Technical Session 1C – OA7/31

Theme: Risk Governance – Citizen Involvement

Theme: Risk Governance – Climate Resilience

Theme: Risk Governance – Public Health

03:00 pm

04:30 pm

Technical Session 2A – OA7/27

Technical Session 2B – OA7/29

Technical Session 2C – OA7/31

Theme: Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction

Theme: Interconnected Risks and Impacts – Multi-Hazard risk and community involvement

Theme: Vulnerability and Inequality – Societal Resilience and Vulnerability

Technical sessions: Day 2

Start time

End time

Day 2 – December 19th 

10:30 am

12:00 noon

Technical Session 3A – OA7/27

Technical Session 3B – 


Technical Session 3C – OA7/31

Theme: Interconnected Risks and Impacts – Systemic risk and resilience

Theme: Resilient Infrastructure and Built Environment

Theme: Risk Governance – Planning and policy

01:45 pm

03:15 pm

Technical Session 4A – OA7/27

Technical Session 4B – 


Technical Session 4C – OA7/31

Theme: Economic resilience and Information Management

Theme: Nature based solutions, environmental resilience, and sustainability

Theme: Climate Change Adaptation

03:45 pm

04:45 pm

Technical Session 5A – 


Technical Session 5B – 


Theme: Community and Local Approaches

Theme: DRR education and information systems


Please submit your abstract and contact information via the abstracts submission form

Templates and guidelines for the presenting authors

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